Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our photographer takes a picture

At the CSPA meeting in St. Louis my favorite class by far was the one I took with Jessica pertaining finding each staff memebers' "color" and traits that went along with how they scored on the test. They proved to be reasonably accurate pinning Jessica as the leader and myself as the person who hates routine and authority but is fit for photographer. The class helped to show the strengths, weaknesses, how each "color" reacted under pressure, how they took criticism, and what positions they would excel at on Yearbook staff. The colors were either orange, blue, green or gold and I learned a lot about myself and how to handle situations more efficiently by taking this course.

Another interesting class I attended was about making yearbooks "green" and little ways we could all help conserve our environment. While I do understand that the advice I learned can't be used in this years book I think the Information is useful for everyday life. An example would be: "If thermostats in every American home were lowered 1 degree F during the winter, the nation would save 230 million barrels of crude oil - enough to fill an oil tanker 400 times. This equals the amount of oil being imported into the US from Iraq each year." I found that quote to put a lot of things in perspective so I've been cutting down on AC during this cool weather.

Pertaining the actual book becoming green, we could use recycled paper in the book. "Only twenty percent of the world's forests remain in their original undisturbed state." Another way to reduce our impact on the environment while still producing a quality book would be to use water soluble glue or vegetable based in instead of mineral based ink.

Lauren Kett

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