Sunday, November 23, 2008

The editor makes her mark

There were dozens of classes so I will only highlight a few I think you'll enjoy...

The first class of the day was at 9 a.m. and titled "Creating Effective Editorial Policies," but little did Panton, Haley, Arielle, and I know, this was a class about everything but yearbook led by an instructor who required us to write everything she said down.

At 11 a.m. I went to a class called "Managing Your Staff's Colors" with Lauren K. This class was interactive and went by too quickly. We first took a personality test which then classified us as a color based on a point system (more on a different type of point system to come). Gold described someone who was organized, a leader and a listmaker; Blue was for a highly sensitive listener who disliked criticism; Green an analyzer who is sarcastic and doubtful; Orange was a negotiator who procrastinated and was very competitive.

The BEST and MOST INTERESTING class I attended was hosted by the infamous Lori Oglesbee. I quoted her so many times on my paper...
"Change the layout not the pictures"
"The spread about the yearbook staff is always detailed...every spread should be that detailed"
"If the quote sounds highly intelligent, a teenager didn't say it"
She talked about everything from copy to layout to photography and everything she mentioned was something that would (and will) help someone on staff. She also discussed revising copy and although we will pass out the handout, I'll briefly summarize the steps here:
Step 1:Run a word count
Step 2:Read aloud and mark places where you stumble
Step 3:Look for summarized or omplied dialogue
Step 4:Cirlce all adverbs
Step 5:Underline all verb phrases and list all verbs on a sheet of paper
Step 6:Spell/grammar check with word
Step 7:Leave alone for 24 hours.

Jessica Kramer

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