Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not just another staffer

“Nothing in life should be handed to you.” While at NSPA in St. Louis in November, I learned this great quote which pertains to all. It started out on a cold Thursday when 9 of our family landed, got into the taxi, checked into the hotel and went to the America’s Center where we were able to meet different publishing companies. We went to the Taylor Publishing Booth where our 2008 book was on display.

The next two mornings we woke up early, headed to breakfast, and went straight to our classes. My favorite classes that I learned the most in were classes on how to make our copy more interesting, classes about interviews, about caption writing, and about photography. I learned a lot from these classes about different ways to layout our spreads, ways to make our articles better, and how not to be afraid when interviewing people. On the last day of our classes, we met up with our publishing company and they looked over every spread we have made so far. We realized that our book is great, cover not so much, but we still have many things to fix. I learned a lot on this trip and hope the next few months in yearbook we can all focus on changing the way we do things. No more sloppy writing, we need great copy.

Katie Abell

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