Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From the copy desk

We have a lot of problems in our copy. Nobody likes to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. The cliche database is on overload (too many articles with 'hard work and determination paid off' or 'many students'). Mediocre articles were turned in just because they were due that day. Articles were left lonely for days because nobody followed the 72-hour rule. Mistakes that could have been caught with the tap of the spell-check button were overlooked. Writers have been very adamant that their work is perfect and doesn't need any correcting.

Environmentalist staffers are worried that by clicking 'print,' a tree will fall in a remote forest in India (use the backs of the paper if this is an issue). I have mentioned once before that I cannot make edits straight on the computer, and the article needs to be printed so I can edit by hand. If there is an un-understandable marking, come to me and I will gladly explain it- don't let me make the same edits.

Our yearbook is exceptional but our copy needs a lot of work. Hopefully we are willing to change because it's coming soon.

Arielle Davis

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